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Quarantine & Internal Parasites


We quarantine and Medicate all fish before adding them to our other tanks. We use the Aquarium Co-Op's Quarantine Meds Trio. 

Internal Parasites

For internal parasites, we treat our freshwater puffers, including our captive-bred Spotted Congo Puffers with three medications:

1) API General Cure - Part of the Aquarium Co-Op's Quarantine Meds Trio.

2) Levamisole hydrochloride - We use it to treat Camallanus worms, which the puffers pick up very easily from untreated tankmates or infected live foods.  

It's easy to use, and in our experience, it's safe for plants, shrimp, and snails.

We follow the system used by Select Aquatics.

You can read more about how we do it here.

Dosing is made much easier using a scale that weighs 0.000 grams. We use this one from Amazon.


3) Safe-Gaurd Dog Dewormer (Fenbendazole) - This medication has a high risk of killing snails, so it's best to remove them before dosing. We follow the same dosing system as above with Levamisole hydrochloride. Fenbendazole is also the medication we use to treat Hydra and Planaria in our tanks.

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